Welcome To Doggo Style art collection


Doggo Style is a card game universe filled with amazing 3D creatures called Doggos,  in which players can collect as the doggos as pets.

Players will be able to use their Doggos for PVP, breeding, collecting, raising, and building kingdoms for their Doggos. If that’s not enough, players would be able to travel through their lands and battle using a VR system!

The universe will have a player-owned local economy with which players can buy, sell, and trade resources that they earn in the game through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

There are countless unique Doggos that players can collect with varying body parts and appearances. Each body part will unlock abilities for the Doggos that vary across the game. They will have completely different values, benefits, and skills. Body parts also have their own unique card art for players to collect.


The Goals

Doggo Style art collection are crossing over! Now’s your chance to grab yours before they reach the sky. stock is limited and would be an important piece in the future game.

Our main goal is to create the most amazing 3D card game ever been made.

We think that in the future of the meta-verse there is a huge potential in the gaming world. we want to contribute our part in this amazing journey and we want you to join us on the voyage of building a strong community and creating the best game the world will ever see.

our schedule:

mint: 1 %
Sanity Check

we will giveaway 10 Doggos to community Discord members and 10 SOL to a random doggo owner. after the collection is fully minted.

April. 1
Giving back

We will be donating $30,000 to the research of Sarcopenia and ALS disease.

July. 1
Digital Marketing

We will be launching our Doggos merch online store. 100% of the sales will go directly to the community wallet for future rewards to come. also we would launch our 2/5 NFT collection. Priority WL Doggos holder.

2022- 1
Digital Marketing

NFT Holders will be invited to exclusive events in the world of cinema, art, gaming, entrepreneurship, parties and more. Alpha access to the game.

Game Launch

after a year of hard work we can finally launch the game to the world. Holders would gain access to special events and quests.


2D and 3D Doggos with more than 17 layers and 120 different traits have been created across weeks of hard work. Doggos are a collection of unique hand-made individuals. Mint your unique Doggo and join us in creating an awesome gaming world.


Most frequent questions and answers

NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a cool way of saying it’s a truly unique digital item that YOU can buy, own, and trade.

We want to create the best ecosystem and infrastructure for our community so they can make an actual profit with your investments. While Ethereum seems like a more popular choice, the drawbacks of network congestion and high gas fees outweigh possible benefits. That is why we decided to create our project on Solana. Extremely fast blockchain network, miniscule gas fees and much higher Sol token appreciation potential are some of the numerous reasons for that!

The main idea of the tokenomics of many DAOs is the following: stake your NFT – earn X tokens a day and earn passive income. The total token supply is constantly rising – that is why the coin becomes less scarce and as a result, the price is constantly decreasing. Community starts to panic and sell it, therefore, decreasing the value even further – as a result completely depreciating the token and destroying its price. While this idea might be a great passive income source in the first couple of weeks it is not sustainable long-term. Also, NFTs have lower liquidity compared to tokens and their price is subject to less manipulation.

Mint will take place on April 10, 2022. The price is 1.5 SOL for Public Sale. and 1.2 for WL

This is the first collection out of 3 collections. the first collection is the most important to us as a team and for you as holders. We believe in creating  a strong community and ecosystem. by taking part in this project you will be able to pre-mint in next coming projects. holders from the first collection would be able to participate in the alpha testing and win Easter eggs prizes out there.

After the first collection is finished minting, we will give back 25% of the revenue in total – back to the community!
Holders of the first collection will be able to win business/first-class flight tickets to events, world-wide events tickets, E-Sports tickets and alot more!
Plus, 1 of the Doggo holders will get 10 SOLs!

in the long term we plan on being one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. we want to combine the meta-verse and the gaming world together to create an immersive 3D card game with real life events and  prizes. 

Our Team


discord expert

My name is Mor and I’m a discord expert. I work around with people around the world and would love to grow in this project together with the team. We are gonna shape the future.



My name is Gilad, I have a B.Sc in computer science, I’ve been working in the crypto world for some years now.

I have a passion for gaming and game development.



My name is Eliad and I’m an M.SC in mechatronics and mechanical engineering. since I’ve been a child I loved modeling. I’m also a 3D artist and a game developer. I want to take a part in changing the world of meta-verse for good.


marketing and sales

My name is Dolev, for the past 10 years I’ve been working at marketing and sales. I love playing video games everyday and I love the world of gaming. I think this project is a game changer and I’m glad I can take a part in it.



My name is Lea,  i’m a student for computer science and a game developer. For the past few years I’ve been working as an twitter influencer helping promote big projects. Doggo style is a game changer and I love being a part of it.


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